Why Kosher

What is Kosher?

Strict adherence to biblical dietary laws as described in the Torah and the Oral law related to Moses on mount sinai.

Why become kosher certified?

A kosher symbol expresses superior quality and excellence.

Even absent any dietary concerns, millions of consumers look for a kosher symbol as an additional reassurance when buying food.

According to John McMillan, a food analyst at Prudential Bache Securities, the ‘Kosher Seal’ is equivalent to what the Good Housekeeping Seal represented in the 1950’s.

At first I thought that kosher meant food for Jewish people. Now I realize that people equate kosher with quality.

Here are some more specifics:


The most obvious is to expand your consumer base to include communities who observe a kosher diet.


Research shows there are approximately 12.1million Americans who consume kosher food each year. This is why it makes sense for many distributors to keep all kosher supplies. According to 2011 figures by Lubicom Marketing and Consulting, 7.5 million consumers claim “kosher is better.”


The quality conscious consumer looks to kosher supervision as an added symbol of a manufacturer’s greater adherence to better quality standards. Indeed, studies show that three out of five shoppers prefer a product that is kosher certified and they check for a kosher symbol when deciding on food purchases. (Mintel Oxygen Reports–London, 02.09.)

Diverse communities:

Specific groups who may look to kosher include Jewish communities and those following vegan, halal or dairy free diets.

Why TK Kosher?

When companies use TK Kosher, they get a personal relationship with experienced and knowledgeable Rabbis who are dedicated to helping them obtain kosher certification, ensuring continued progress and growth.

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