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Thank you for your interest in TK Kosher Certification

We are an experienced team of Kosher supervisors and certifiers.

Our goal:

We at Truly Kosher certification are committed to providing quality kosher supervision while working closely with our clients to make compliance as smooth and hassle free as possible.

Multi generation:

We at Truly kosher Certification have already seen several generations active in Kosher supervision and certification, servicing the industrial and retail manufacturing community with quality kosher supervision for over 3 decades with combined experience of close to 40 years.

We understand the needs of our clients and the concerns of the kosher consumer and we are dedicated to help make it as smooth a process as possible every step of the way.

We at Truly Kosher are constantly improving our information processing with the latest technology to make your experience as effortless as possible while keeping a high standard of kosher supervision that consumers and other kosher certifiers can rely on.


The security of your trade and manufacturing secrets are of utmost importance to us and will assure that any of your company’s information stays secure with multiple safeguards and that our personnel are screened, trained and legally bound to keep it that way.


Anyone in the Food industry knows that in today’s day and age, consumers are demanding ever higher standards for food supervision and safety. Our insistence on high standards is well known and respected throughout the industry.


We understand that our clients’ needs may vary and we are committed to a tiered fee structure so as to provide value for your company at any stage from small startup to the large and more complicated production environments.


Rabbi Yosef Teitelbaum – Rabbinic supervisor.
Studied in the pacific northwest and in NY rabbinical seminary Oholei Torah and went on to receive rabbinic ordination in Paris France.
Over a decade of traveling in the United states and abroad for the purpose of Supervising at a wide array of food manufacturing plants’ has given him a well rounded understanding of food manufacturing processes and how to make the kosher certification process easy.

Mr. Avi Amir – IT manager.
Growing up in Israel in amid the bustling tech industries has made Mr.Avi keen on using the benefits of today’s fast paced and constantly developing technological advancements to assist in having both a quality supervision and ease of compliance by our manufacturers.

Rabbi Leizer Teitelbaum – Kosher consultant.
A pioneer in the supervision industry from when kosher was just becoming “a thing”, and is well known and respected by all in the industry.
His many years of experience are sure to be a wellspring of assistance to give the best service to both our clients and to kosher consumers.

Rabbi Yosef Shusterman – Rabbinical consultant:
In order to insure the integrity of our kosher program we have engaged the services of Rabbi Shusterman, respected as a halachic authority and with practical knowledge of its application to serve as our senior Rabbinical consultant.


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